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Music in Venice

Already in the 16th century, Venice contributed innovations and impulses for vocal and instrumental music; music schools and choirs flourished. From the middle of the 17th century, the heyday of the opera then began.

Venice reckoned with about 20 opera houses at that time; works of Vivaldi, Verdi und Donozetti were premiered here.

Beside Milan and Naples, the canal city was among the largest impulse generator of the European music scene. What was played here and gained popularity, was soon taken over by the courts and societies of neighbouring states.

Antonio Vivaldi 1678 – 1741

"Venice’s outstanding son" already demonstrated his talent with his father’s violin and is still now one of the most famous Italian composers. "The four seasons" is probably his most well-known composition.

By the way: Even though music was his first great love, it was not his first career path. Antonio Vivaldi was a priest for a long time. For this reason, the "outstanding son" is also revered with wonderful concerts in many of Venice’s churches and not only at the Teatro "La Fenice".

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