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Your Venice (Overview)

Venice and its Lagoon

The lagoon of Venice and its corresponding islands make up a fascinating water landscape which is regarded as a small paradise and not only by Venetians. … Read more

The Myth of the Gondola

"La Gondola" was first mentioned in the 11th century. In the age of the doges, the gondola was the most important transportation method of the Venetians. … Read more

Donna Leon’s Venice

In the footsteps of Donna Leon and her Commissario Brunetti. The hero of Donna Leon’s detective stories is the Venetian commissioner Brunetti. … Read more

Image Canal in Venice

The secret gardens of Venice

In a city made of stone, located in the middle of a lagoon of saltwater, very few visitors suspect what beautiful gardens are hidden behind the walls. Not only … Read more

Image Secret gardens of Venice

Boat ride with Il Burchiello

Already in the 18th century, the once typical boats took the wealthy Venetian society to their summer villas on the mainland or up to Padua. Nowadays, the Burchielli … Read more

Image Il Burchiello

The Surroundings of Venice

The river Brenta is a natural extension of the Canale Grande with an incomparable collection of villas. The beautiful landscape, rich in history, culture and art, … Read more

Image Surroundings of Venice

Music in Venice

Already in the 16th century, Venice contributed innovations and impulses for vocal and instrumental music; music schools and choirs flourished. From the … Read more