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The Surroundings of Venice

Image Surroundings of Venice

The river Brenta is a natural extension of the Canale Grande with an incomparable collection of villas. The beautiful landscape, rich in history, culture and art, already fascinated Goethe, Goldoni, Casanova, D'Annuzzio. back then

The villas of the Riviera di Brenta were once financed by the Venetian nobility and served as country residences of the fine society. There they would unmistakably show what pomp the fine families could afford.

Thus the waterway is lined up with spectacular fountains, statues and gardens. Therefore it is not difficult to imagine the former glittering festivities, protruding evening meals and balls.

Whoever finds that the pure ride on the canal with "Il Burchiello" is not enough, and would like to stay at the doors of Venice for a few days, will find there dreamlike villas and also luxurious palazzo hotels.

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